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The Joy of Criticism

September 28, 2021

Your time is not wasted.

Joe, Track, and Community

September 21, 2021

It's been about a month since my friend, Joe, died. Two days before it happened, I went to get drinks with him and some friends that call…

Mass Effect's Thesis

July 18, 2021

What was it trying to say?

Porting 30 Songs

April 7, 2021

for posterity

Contemporary CSS

March 23, 2021

the rules we made along the way


May 23, 2020

thoughts on Bay to Breakers, Tech, and COVID


March 3, 2020

a look back


June 11, 2019

an examination of opinions

A Nostalgic Decentralization

June 1, 2019

a first post