a note from the developer

30 Days, 30 Songs was developed for the 2016 election using an open source CMS called Keystone. When things did not go as we'd hoped, we continued to update the content and release music as form of protest. Toward the end of 2020, our database provider shut down, and I made the decision to port the site to Gatsby, a static site generator. If you're curious about the original site you can find it preserved by The Internet Archive on the wayback machine.

- Kyle

To combat apathy, entertain the citizenry, and provide a soundtrack to resistance, over the next four years, the producers of 30 Days, 30 Songs will assemble a playlist of 1,000 songs. One song every day to get us through what promises to be a tumultuous and frequently dispiriting and certainly bizarre presidency. The playlist will feature original tracks, unreleased live versions, remixes, covers, and previously released but relevant songs that will inspire and amuse and channel the outrage of a nation.

Despite the results of the election, we still believe it’s possible to build a more inclusive, equal, and just America. The world will not end on January 20th. It will continue to move forward, and it is up to us to chart its course. In the coming weeks, we plan to raise money for this endeavor through a crowdfunding campaign. If you enjoyed the work we did during election season, please consider supporting this next phase of the project.

Some of the songs over the first 100 days will be presented in partnership with Secretly Group's Our First 100 Days project. All profits raised from their efforts will go directly to organizations working on the front lines of climate, women's rights, immigration and fairness. All proceeds from the streaming of original 1,000 Days, 1,000 Songs releases will be donated to the Center for Popular Democracy.