Day 64, Song 84

Johnny Thunder

Power to the People

Johnny Thunder is an R&B and pop singer from Leesburg, Florida.

Bob Dylan called Johnny Thunder "the best performer I've ever seen." Most well known for his 1963 hit "Loop De Loop," Thunder was discovered by Jackie Wilson in the early '60s. This song was recorded in 1970 on United Artists Records.


Power to the People Power to the people When I was born they covered me up Made me feel guilty Then they gave me a cup They called me a beggar I grew up a thief Religious flowers planted all under my feet To make me feel inferior they gave me a name And a bucket of white paint so I could play that game When I feel in love they called it sin Gave me a book on Europe and a Mickey Mouse pin I joined the tough mob called society But I couldn't make the grade I was allergic to the Christmas tree Power to the people (4x) I joined the Boy Scouts and read patriotic poems About the Jolly Green Giant flipping out of his home They caught me tripping on EST So they jailed me for thinking about what I wanted to be A little fat lady with beer on her breath Cursed and yelled that I should be hung by the neck to death Santa Claus freed me when I was sixteen So in his honor I painted myself green I woke up one morning all ready to lose When I heard mother goose out there singing them blues I discovered Malcolm and Brother H Rap And in return the FBI was sitting in my lap I got the message loud and clear That in the mirror that was me standing there The greedy lips and those glutton eyes Are going to have to wake up for now is the time Power to the people (8x)