Day 40, Song 60

Bill Fay


Bill Fay is an English singer, pianist, and songwriter. His most recent album is, Who is the Sender?

In conjunction with Secretly Group's 100 Days, we're proud to debut this original track by Bill Fay. It's a poignant meditation on shame, an emotion many Americans have felt in the wake of Trump's election. It's important not to run from this. Not to put our heads down and plow ahead and pretend that the things Trump has said are not shameful. We must continue to label them as such and remain faithful to our own sense of morality. —The Editors


You can cry all night, you can cry forever for the crimes of mankind against these little ones while their eyes burn bright, we only set our sights on the war of every land against its neighbor shame shame shame shame one day the sun will refuse to shine and the moon and the stars will close their eyes on a world that will not heed the tears of those who cannot speak one last straw and the camel’s back is broken shame shame shame shame they used to go to sleep, with tomorrow a surprise now they only dream, of planes that fill the skies as one war ends, another one begins look at the children, look at them shame shame shame shame