Day 30, Song 50

Rogue Wave

Vote for Me Dummy [Guided By Voices cover]

Rogue Wave's most recent album is Delusions of Grand Fur.

The lyrics to this GBV song may sound politically neutral, but we're not during this election. Trump and all that he represents is political arson at its worst. We participated in this project to very clearly state that we repudiate Donald Trump and the mentality that supports his so-called campaign. Stop the madness. Vote for Hillary.


Marry your uniform Right now Remember your first pair of eyes? And vote for dummy I'll tell you the truth Then I'll tell you a joke The ultimate good move Life will be a piece of cake Please find me a river Develop the film of your life Right now Remember to turn off the light And vote for me dummy... Please find me an island -- Recorded by Rogue Wave Mixed by Brian Deck Mastered by Jeff Lipton & Maria Rice at Peerless