Day 30, Song 49

Agents of the Fantastic

DT Blues

Agents of the Fantastic is the new musical project for songwriter Tommy Neale.

I was born in England, and as I'm not yet a U.S. citizen, I'm unable to vote on Tuesday. Still, I am determined to contribute something to the movement for a Trump-free government. I wrote 'DT Blues' at the end of the summer, building it from an earlier set of lyrics that now seemed eerily prescient in light of the Trump campaign.


The skies have blackened over St. Tropez, the castles on the shore engulfed by flame In an explosion on the French Riviera, found the culprit in the sidebar of shame A perpetrator known to all the world by name Well I have seen behind the castle walls, and felt the emptiness they can’t contain Seen damsels in distress undressed by the poolside, popping Valium to ease their pain Of all that was lost to endless gain To anyone who will listen, he’ll tell them “Look upon my works” Whose steely skeletons glisten out there Beneath the desert sun And spilling out from the waistline There’s a lifetime of executive perks And spoils from a race he’s never run And so we sat and dipped our toes in the sea, and took the time to feast our eyes on the blaze He spoke of an eternal order of man, the way you see it is the way that it stays These broken windows and rally cries are merely a phase But the people overheard the man who sat pontificating into the bay The orange glow revealed a hollow black soul, celestial cities fallen into decay And they all wait for the rising tides to wash him away You must not seek to add To what you have, what you once had Nor seek to be, if you prefer Both what you are and what you were However grand, however proud To have it all is not allowed Your lot contains one happiness To look for more brings less, far less To anyone who will listen… repeat