Day 4, Song 4

Jim James

Same Old Lie

Jim James is a singer, guitarist, and producer from Louisville, Kentucky. He is the lead singer and primary songwriter for the band My Morning Jacket, whose seventh album, The Waterfall, was released in 2015.

The fact that the United States is even remotely considering the idea of a Donald Trump presidency is so very, very disturbing. How has this bully who capitalizes on the destruction of humanity somehow been given a free pass? We need to be working for peace, love, and equality. We need to find new and better ways to take care of each other, to make this nation a place where all feel safe and welcome, regardless of race, sex, or creed. We can't be ruled by the fear and hatred that Trump continues to push down our throats. Let’s sing our songs and cast our votes and work together to help make this country the center of peace and love that we all know it can be.


It’s the same old lie they tell you When you’re little— Try to make you forget just what it is You’re really made of. And follow on just like most everyone… But you and me we ain’t like most everyone. Pure individual bright as the shining sun. And sure as hell we know—where it is we come from. And where it is yeah we probably going back to— But now we gonna live a little— Try and get a little truth. It’s the same it’s the same it’s the same old lie. It’s the same old lie you been reading about Bleeding out— Now who’s getting cheated out? You best believe it’s the silent majority— And if you don’t vote it’s on you—not me. It’s the same old lie told from the dawn of time. Stretch it out a little try to milk every last dime. Hate crimes. Shelter lines. They try to take what’s yours and mine… Is there any peace to be found in a lifetime? It’s the same it’s the same it’s the same old lie. It’s the same old lie you gotta live with it— Or if you got sense then you better try changing it. But nothing is more difficult than changing what’s been comfortable— We’ve seen it tried a million times—it’s hard to think when hypnotized. But a lies a lie—it destroys from the inside—decays the teeth from behind that false smile. A lie is a lie and I’ve told my fair share but—I know I’m gonna suffer for the shit I put out there. It’s the same it’s the same it’s the same old lie. Well it’s the same old lie—I think I died a little. Guns drawn—faces long— How much killing can be done? It’s the same old lie they tell you when you die— There are mansions up in heaven—50 virgins off in the sky. Well you can’t trade today for some far off promise of tomorrow… You can’t build love out of guns blood and sorrow. They say we can’t live together— But we know that’s a lie— Cuz we know it in out heart we can make it if we try. It’s the same it’s the same it’s the same old lie. Same lie.