Day 25, Song 37

Open Mike Eagle

How to Be Super Petty to Your Ex

Open Mike Eagle is a hip-hop artist based out of Los Angeles, California. His most recent solo release was Dark Comedy. In 2016, he collaborated with Paul White to record the album Hella Personal Film Festival.

This election is a bag of burning alley trash. It's burning and it smells. One of the people in it is the worst person ever and he’s dangerously close to the most powerful office in the country because he’s learned how to trick poor people into thinking he’s going to do something nice for them. It's really bad. I feel like we’ve earned this though. We’ve known for a while now that there's at least two Americas and we haven’t done anything to attempt to bridge the differences in values. So now we have to defend our country from his groping, gross hands.


Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah Do all the things that hurt the best Line a garbage can with one of the shirts they left Accidentally videotape yourself as you burn the rest (And then what?) And then upload it (Okay) You can marry one of their best friends Tweet their name, their new boos, and add the symbol for less than So that way there isn’t even question Like Ja Rule said (It aint even a question) Give your new mates your old mate’s pet name Sew it a on a t shirt and wear that shit to a Nets game Pull up stealthily next to them in the left lane But don’t acknowledge them at all American Idol go win the next one On TV shout out all your ex’s except one Let everybody know that you can bask in your freedom Tell your grandmother to point and laugh if she sees ‘em Whenever they call you can answer it But don’t speak make sex noises then cancel it (Nasty) Take it to the next level you can sample it (Oh my god) Think here…BE CREATIVE! (Fantastic) (You see the light, you’re letting it all fall away) (You’re approaching freedom, you’re free…you’re finally free) (Aww, you’re thinking about them again) (I can tell…you were so you were so present just a moment ago) Okay okay here we go here we go you ready? This is how you this is how you this is how you let them know that you don’t give a fuck no more To let them know that you don’t give a fuck no more To let them know that you don’t give a fuck C’mon I learned some interesting interesting interesting ways To let them know that you don’t give a fuck no more To let them know that you don’t give a fuck no more To let them know that you don’t give a fuck,c’mon Get famously good at everything and Now you got a bunch of new ways to flaunt your wedding ring You can put it on a custom Facebook list Where they can only see when you post about good shit Take anything of value they left in your airspace And hock it at the pawn shop that’s closest to their place Put them all old love letters in a paper shredder Use them to line your parakeet’s bird cage forever And have yourself a personal contest Of how many of your old couple’s pics can you crop best Or just date someone in your apartment building like High Fidelity That works real good too.