Day 25, Song 36

The Long Winters

Make America Great Again

The Long Winters is a band based in Seattle, Washington. This is the first original song they have released in ten years.

While there are a lot of songs that express elements of what makes Donald Trump so appealing to his followers, like Desperado by the Eagles, Sweet Home Alabama by Lynyrd Skynyrd, Honky Tonk Badonkadonk by Trace Adkins and White Rider by Skrewdriver, there’s never been a song that put everything together under one roof. 'Make America Great Again' is a folk song, because it’s from the Volk, the people. If I can help condense all the feelings and issues that inspire Trump voters into a song, and then play that song for the world, well then I will have done my part.


Well I watch the news and I know what’s what I go to rockin’ worship and I pray And I see the whole world fallen’ apart And I thank God I live in the USA   Well I might not have a PhD But those so-called elites aren’t so smart It’s their do-what-you-want lack of morality That’s tearing our country apart   chorus   Well I’m no gun nut, but I protect my family I’m not racist but my heritage makes me proud My wife’s no feminist, but she knows how to treat a man And we want someone to make America Great Again!   Let’s say you start a small cake-bakin’ business And you worked hard to build what you’ve got Then you’re taxed and fined and told you’ve got to serve Every LGTQB and whatnot   Well we used to have a sense of humor about things And everyone knew how to take a joke Back when sticks and stones may break your bones And bones hardly ever got broke   chorus   Now don’t try to tell me I’m a bigot I’ve got a good friend at work who’s black And I love baseball and half of them are some kind of Mexican But they’re the good ones Yeah they’re the good ones!   I know America was built on immigration Why my own great-grandfather came here from Sweden Back when the land was still wide open And all the immigrants were European   Now all the laws are going so-called politically correct Where less-qualified applicants get the jobs It was traditional values that built this country With no help from whining East Coast college snobs