Day 24, Song 35

JPEGMAFIA [featuring Freaky]

I Might Vote 4 Donald Trump

My name is JPEGMAFIA and, believe it or not, I'm not two people. I'm just a loud black nigga from buttfuck nowhere Alabama and my only real purpose in life is to get rich and rub it in white people's face. I make all my own beats and mix and master my shit because niggas charge to much. Freaky is a Mesoamerican pizza, llama, producer, rapper, and pioneer based in Baltimore.

Me and Freaky wrote the song as a protest song about the entire election. Not on some Green Party shit but just commentary on how ridiculous and reality tv American politics has become. It shouldn't even be legal to vote for someone like Donald Trump. This is a moment in time. Never in the history of American politics has there been a nigga this fucking dense running for president of the free world and only in this country could a Donald Trump become this important. I feel like this is the candidate America deserves and from what it seems like, it's the candidate they want so fuck that shit put that orange-ass nigga in office let's see what happens.


[Intro: Freaky] (THIS IS A CERTIFIED HOOD CLASSIC) Aye, aye, aye Ay dios mio Aye, aye, aye Ay dios mio Ay dios mio Ay dios mio [Verse 1: Freaky] I might vote for Donald Trump Just to say I did it I might blindly fall into a group of friends full of bigots (REAL TRAP SHIT) Y'all don't know my aiming I got a vision like That's So Raven (damn) Gangstas don't die they get fat and move to Miami I am he throw it my way I N T, everything straight like ironed tee's In the back of the Bell burning my degree (LLAMA) At Uni-Mart yelling, "Fuck Bernie" Up early Cup dirty, couple thirties Boy the way that Sprite Mix with the lean so purrty Show my tolerance no mercy (damn) I just popped 20 xan's So the crackers wouldn't find them Back up to the wall though Drugs like "Where's Waldo?" Wrote it down Gonzo No seas chanchó mano a mano Damn bro, de plano (aye, aye, aye) Ferragamo llama sittin' on chanclas Deuce in a Fanta oh Mylanta (DAMN SON WHERE'D YOU FIND THIS?) I just might vote for Donald Trump just cause it's legal (ay dios mio) [Verse 2: JPEGMAFIA] I might vote for Donald Trump Just to say I did it (damn, Peggy) I might call the IRS Pay them a visit (damn, Peggy) Feed all my niggas with pistols and privilege them digits (ay dios mios, Peggy) Then I tell that nigga Chris Christie to pay me a visit I brought the guns to the house (wow) I got my feet on the couch (damn) I don't think y'all understand But I'm tryna bring back the south (DAMN SON) I've been the man for a year (what else?) You've been a bitch all your life (what happened?) I got my hand on the crown, yeah Voted for that nigga twice (two times) Braindead on my birth day Voted for that nigga high (high) Fuck a Jordan and a Huckabee (fuck 'em) I never wanted the Mike (yo) I never wanted this life (yo) I got a hit for your signs (I do) My niggas been rollin 'the dice and now I'm Shanking these crackers for ice (SHANK 'EM UP!) I think that I'm over Edge, Spear in a christian Got all these Lita's, they giving me head Fuck what you said Fuck out my pen I'm rolling, I'm rolling I think they got me off my meds Got a bitch who give that Nancy Reagan head Carter era, she was humping my leg Bush era, I was close to the dead Trump Era, I'll be killing the feds (REAL TRAP SHIT)