Day 20, Song 27

Blake Hazard

Little Situation

Blake Hazard is a singer/songwriter and one half of the indie-pop band The Submarines. She lives in Los Angeles.

So many of us are shocked and appalled that a man like Trump could ever become a candidate for the presidency, let alone come this close to winning. I had a hard time feeling like the man even deserved to have songs written about him — and I didn’t want to write a negative song that just picked up on the hatefulness that he’s brought out. So I decided to write an anti-hate song, centering on Michelle Obama’s beautiful phrase “When they go low, we go high.” I called it “ Little Situation” in tribute to the man’s small-minded and backwards ideas — the things that make up this nasty little situation we’ll hopefully soon see our way out of.


I’ll always choose love, it’s the only thing I can believe in But he makes it hard to love him when he’s always hating I don’t like to put a brother down to try to make the others look up to me Yeah I don’t need to put a sister down to make me feel worthy So when he goes low, we’ll go high, try to find some kind of understanding All those spiteful words and taunting are the lines of a lesser man We’ll choose love, it’s the only thing we can believe But he makes it so hard to love him when he’s always hating He’ll never say he’s sorry, never really care how the little guy felt Now our greatest fear is of a man who feeds on fear itself His fear’s just not being adored, not getting more than what he deserves He’d step on over anyone, I can’t admire that kind of nerve I’m still in love with America How are we not enough, he’s gotta make us great again? I’m not going back to those times When so many of us were left behind Building a wall won’t fix what’s inside We’ll fight to keep our open minds And choose love, it’s only thing we can believe in He makes it impossible to love him when he’s always hating We’ll choose love!