Day 16, Song 20

Andrew St. James

Makin' It Great Again.!

Andrew St. James is a 21-year-old songwriter born and raised in San Francisco, CA. His most recent album is The Shakes.

Donald Trump is one of the biggest embarrassments in American History. The rise of Trump has unveiled our systematic and cultural bigotry, a force that for decades has hidden behind false civility and political rhetoric. There is a huge cultural divide in the United States and at times our differences seem irreconcilable. The lack of awareness evident in our populous is frightening. There once was a sense that we had common ground—it looks as if we have lost sight of that. As the odds against Trump grow longer, and the end of this election cycle nears, I am worried that the deeper problems exposed here will go forgotten. Trump is just a symptom of a larger sickness that threatens the Union itself. "Makin' It Great Again.!" was written about that.


The signs of false commitment Stand high among the turn pike states The season of resentment Is alive inside the looming fate With visions of the violence standing silent & unheard Forces of indictment turning actions into words & as the institutions fail With pride that will not prevail With prejudice all veiled no longer The tides of new direction Are headed backwards on the run The masters of correction find their logic is undone With The tenant of entertainment Standing guard over perceived travails The masses of atonement take their vision off the rails & as the television fails To incite proceeding sales A light to countervail, no longer The students of the sales force are pre chosen their own choice The slaves to advertisement are provided with their own voice With domestic apparitions standing silent along the way The doctrine of decision set the options left to take & as our union falls While they're breaking down the walls The tenements stand tall here, forever The motions for confusion are held up at the appellate court The tokens of true knowledge are only used at last resort While the jesters of pretension juggle violently In haste The auctioned off elections outshine tradition now erased & as the new day dawns With exploitation of the bomb We're righting all the wrongs, no longer The union of indifference Breaks down the old facade The education masters break bread with a plastic God With ignorant rebellions walking viciously in place The thoughtless revolution is quickly, now, embraced & as the millions loose their voice To live & not rejoice To live without a choice, here forever