Day 141, Song 161

Miri Aloni

Shir LaShalom

Miri Aloni is an Israeli folksinger from Givatayim.

Written by Yaakov Rotblit and set to music by Yair Rosenblum, this song is performed here by celebrated Israeli folksinger Miri Aloni. The song condemns the glorification of war and has become an anthem for the Israeli peace movement. Its title in English means "Song of Peace."


English: Let the sun rise light up the morning The purest of prayers will not bring us back He whose candle was snuffed out and was buried in the dust bitter crying won't wake him up and won't bring him back Nobody will bring us back from a dead and darkened pit here, neither the victory cheer nor songs of praise will help So just sing a song for peace don't whisper a prayer Just sing a song for peace in a loud shout Allow the sun to penetrate through the flowers don't look back let go of those departed Lift your eyes with hope not through the rifles' sights sing a song for love and not for wars Don't say the day will come bring on that day - because it is not a dream - and in all the city squares cheer only for peace! Transliteration: Tnu lashemesh la'alot laboker le'ha'ir Hazaka shebatfilot otanu lo tachzir Mi asher kava nero u've'Afar nitman Bechi mar lo ya'iro lo yachziro le'chan Ish otanu lo yashiv mibor tachtit a'fel - kan lo yo'ilu - lo simchat hanitzachon Velo shirei hallel Lachen rak shiru shir lashalom al tilhashu tfila lachen rak shiru shir lashalom bitze'aka gdola Tnu lashemesh lachador miba'ad laprachim al tabitu le'achor hanichu la'holchim S'u eina'yim betikva lo derech kavanot shiru shir la'ahava velo lamilchamot Al tagidu yom yavo havi'u et hayom - ki lo chalom hu - uve'chol hakikarot hari'u rak shalom