Kyle Warren

software guy in SF near the Panhandle into pizza, timbre, running, climbing, and reading

github: malectro, twitter: @malectro, soundcloud: malectro, linkedin: kylewarren, resume: resume.pdf, blog: blog, or instagram: malectro.


30 Days, 30 Songs // a scalable CMS for the 2016 election
soundQuake // earthquake data visualizer, requires web audio + webgl, winner of The Creators Project ArtHackSF
Living Los Sures // annotated documentary film in html5 for chrome. (click pause when the blue appears.)

Contributer to

Kanye Zone // interactive web experience
Pitbull Party // another IWE
Sense // enterprise software
Mixpanel // analytics software
Timehop // social app
Words with Friends // social game

Audio/Visual Toys

crumbler // saw wave manipulator
sound // synthetic sequencer
mixing pool // webgl meditation pool
raveghost // dancing ghost (in canvas)
stars // some stars


Whales // result of a synthesizer purchase
Slowheart // one-take guitar song
Sunspots // self-recorded song
Surf Air // self-recorded song (with drums!)
Perfect Fifths // a bedroom-recorded song

Transcriptions "because somebody had to do it!"

M83 - "Too Late"
Four Tet - "Unspoken"
Owen Pallet - "Your Ex-Lover is Dead"
Fleet Foxes - "Oliver James"